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Our Goals

Our ends are made of aluminum

and entirely in Greece.

The beams and the finish, meet in dimensions and specifications, the instructions of the World

Federation FINA and European LEN.

They are produced in dimensions

Pro-Mini 2.15m * 0.75m, Mini 2.50m * 0.80m,

Standard 3.00m * 0.90m

and in whatever other dimension you wish

after consultation with us.

Comes with a 12 month warranty

for all metal parts

except wheels and nets.

Personalized and

Tailored to your needs

We feel the needs of our customers and we adapt the construction exactly to what each one individually, want or need.


Goals in the team colors, logo on the floats,

colored nets, special dimensions, training equipment for players and goalkeepers,

up to ends adapted to poles,

or even at route holes .


We are here to listen to your needs,

to design and build for you,

exactly what you need.


We make the Feeling

Water Polo is one sport, characterized by the intense feelings.


Feelings and emotions that have a main purpose,

the victory and the achievement of the "goal" but also the joy of the participation in the game,

at whatever level it is!


So, with the same passion and the same happiness, we participate in your struggle and create the "feeling".We create the goal that will faithfully serve the aims and needs, of the young or the old ... of everyone!



About us

With more than 30 years present in the field of aquatics

and serving it from various positions,

as athletes, coaches and agents,

we decided to proceed and to create

a basic product for our sport.


We were the first in Greece,

to design and build,a water polo goal

based on the needs of today.


Goals that are economical, of excellent quality and durability

that we do not stop developing and improving

always guided by your needs.

Contact Us

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compact goals logo

Τηλ.     +30 6974632004

Email :

G.Gennimata 161

Athens Glyfada



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